Saturday, March 7

the last to iron

Because I'm light-years beyond highlighting the firsts of my first child, instead you get these random firsts of my last child.  It seems proper to highlight these events since I'll never remember them any other way.  Of course, this won't be my most popular post because there are so many people out there who hate this task.  Yup, ironing.

I come from a long line of ironing women.  I can remember my grandmother ironing and her love for starching everything back in those days.  I can remember my mother ironing while she watched the "soaps".  So it was not unusual for me to love ironing as well and I can even remember my first ironing experiences.  Ironing socks.  Thinking about that now makes me giggle because I suspect the iron wasn't even turned on while my mom kept me busy ironing a basket full of socks.  

Ironing seems to be a necessary art form for me since I've never been good at catching clothes still warm from the dryer and folding or hanging them up to avoid ironing.  Nope, by the time I remember there's clothes in the dryer they are usually full of wrinkles extraordinaire.  

All that to I finally took some time to teach my youngest the fine art of ironing.  We went through the laundry baskets finding good samples of various types of things we needed to iron as she put her new ironing hand to the test. She passed with flying colors!

Of course, I do realize that once my kids leave home, the ironing skill is probably left behind, too.  They are more of the wash and dry and go generation.  But at least I wasn't negligent in teaching them the fine art of ironing just in case they may need it someday.

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