Wednesday, March 4

time to go winter

Oh so very carefully I've been grinding these coffee beans since Christmas time to make them last as long as I could. But, alas!  The last beans shook out of the bag, were ground to perfection, and brewed.  But, alas!  The blessing was even better this morning.  For you see, while I was gone at work yesterday my daughter was experimenting with a special chai tea recipe that needed to go through our coffee maker for the first step complete with spices.  So, there's an extra special flavor that has mingled in with the coffee.  Mmmmmm!  Such a wonderful way to start the day!

However, take note that if the Collectivo Wonder Land Winter Blend coffee is gone, it's perhaps time for my outdoor winter wonderland to leave as well!  You've been given notice, winter!  No more below zero temperatures or snow storms!

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