Wednesday, April 29

Daybooking in April

For today, April 29th

Outside my window....the skies are clear with stars popping everywhere, the spring peepers are peeping, and the moon is headed toward full.

I am thinking....about how to spend my summer vacation time.

I am thankful....for my children who I love to the moon and back.

I am old t-shirt and jeans that were my after work raking attire.

I am creating....a quilt for a grandson that I'm cutting blocks and strips for and changing the design as I go.  It will be interesting to see what the quilt looks like when I'm finished.   

I am look through my rubbermaid container that holds all my garden seeds to see what I need to purchase this spring.

I am we will fit everything that my daughter took to college in the fall PLUS everything she has purchased throughout the school year back into our small car when she finishes up in a couple of weeks.

I am reading...."Your Beautiful Purpose" by Susie Larson

I am hoping....not to catch the nasty cold that is going around right now.

I am learning....that the battle is the Lord's and not mine.  

In my garden....the snow is finally all gone and it will soon be time for the first good tilling of the season.

In my a stack of dirty dishes.  Tis the season of more time outside than inside these days.

In the homeschool room....we are down to the last few weeks of schooling!

A favorite quote for today...."Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time." ~ Oswald Chambers

A peek into one of my days....

In the land of brown and dried leaves, a batch of daffodils were spotted today while raking which brightened my day.

One of my favorite hearing my grands say "I love you, Bummy". 

From the board room....
Summer vintage floral gift tags

Post script(this is where you will find a link that I found and simply wanted to pass along)....good stuff HERE about waiting. 

Thank you for stopping and visiting my daybook on this day. If you'd like to visit others who are participating in the end of April daybook or write a journal yourself, there's still a couple of days left in this month to stop over at Peggy's at Simple Woman's Daybook

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Saturday, April 25

rooting for flowers

Many years ago I tried the save your geraniums thing, but really had no idea what I was doing resulting in an epic fail.

This past fall a friend of mine shared about saving her geraniums and I was all ears.  I had already cleaned up most of my flowers for the year, but had six smaller geraniums still in planters and thought they'd work well for this experiment.

All the geraniums were pulled out of the dirt, all the dirt was shaken off their roots, and they were put upside down inside a covered box that I put downstairs in my food pantry for the winter.  About once a month or so, the box was opened up and I water misted all the roots.

This week I brought the box of geraniums up to the kitchen and snipped all the tops off the plants.

Then I took all the roots and soaked them in water for around 24 hours.

All six were planted in their own little pots and I'll keep them by a sunny window.  There was quite a bit of green inside of some of the stems so I'm feeling kind of optimistic that it will work this time.

The one lesson I've already learned doing this is the next time I need to tag each plant with the color of the flower since I have no idea what color each one of these is.  Oh well, I guess I'll find out sooner or later.

Stay tuned!

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Friday, April 24

hide the calendar

Friday always arrives with a rush, but I'm not complaining.  It feels good to have the weekend before me.  But first it's time to write for five minutes on one word.  No editing.  Post it. Link it up with the community of writers found at Kate's Five Minute Friday  And be sure to visit the link before yours leaving a word of encouragement behind.  The word for today is HIDE.  Ready?  Set?  GO!


Thinking back to my younger days, I recall all the things that were planned and put on a calendar.  There was a definite sense of how I saw the days playing out as well as a solid idea of what the future held.  Events yet to come already had a sense of the possible memories they'd hold. 

Then life happened.  

As I look back, all the time spent planning and envisioning the future — in my mind — were changed during specific events that changed the course of my life story.  Of course, I didn't recognize any of that at the time, but can see it more clearly now.  Hindsight.  There's the sense of "if only I had known then what I know now".  Then again, all of those life course changes made me who I am today as well as establishing a faith in God that wouldn't have happened any other way.  

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that will prevail." ~ Proverbs 19:21

It reminds me of the saying about writing all your plans in pencil remembering that God has the eraser.  Better yet, hide the calendar and ask Him to lead your day.  Be open to the moments He has for you with a flexibility in your plans for His purposes.  All the details of our life stories really are part of His sovereign plan and He'll provide the grace to live through them, especially when life isn't happening the way you envisioned.....


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Wednesday, April 22

eight is only a date

a cupcake from my grandson's first birthday

Today marks a blog anniversary - EIGHT years of writing in this space!

However, that is all the hoopla you'll hear this year with no cheers or giveaways as it only feels like a date on the calendar like any other day.

As life has gotten busier and in many ways more complicated, finding time to write and maintain a blog has become a challenge.  Less writing here means fewer readers here.  My outlets for writing are in different places now and when it comes to pondering,  I find myself journaling in a notebook with a favorite pen or pencil.  

Blogging will still randomly happen here.   However, it won't be because I feel like I should or have to write something in this space, but because I want to write something that seems worthy of sharing with others (or is perhaps just plain fun to talk about!)

Instead, I want to focus on connecting with my family, having coffee with my friends, serving compassionately in ministry, and loving my Jesus as He grows my faith every day.  Life is short and precious and needs to be lived to the fullest every moment.

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Friday, April 17


A week ago the weather was a'strugglin', but this Friday I can say with a bit more confidence that spring has sprung.  Time to spring into action with some fast writing.  Write for five minutes on one word.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday.  Take a few minutes to visit the link before yours (or several of the links before yours) and leave behind an encouraging comment.  Today's word is TOMORROW!  Ready?  Set?  Go!


Spring has arrived which means I can travel again! Yippeeeee!  And I can hardly wait to hit the road.  Tomorrow I will be four hours away from home as family and friends gather together to celebrate my youngest grandchild's first birthday!

What?  First birthday?  

It's seems like yesterday that I was with family running a 5K race at midnight when I received a text that my daughter-in-law was in labor.  Suddenly this early bird was no longer challenged by running in the dark at such a late hour.  In fact, it was hard to attempt to sleep after the race knowing the newest family member was about to arrive.  What an absolute delight it was to hear that my grandson had arrived safe and sound and wonderfully healthy!

I wish I lived closer to be able to spend more time with him, but have been blessed by the times I have seen him plus today's technology brings with it  all the pictures and videos that warm my heart.  Tomorrow, however, I will be watching him smile and toddle and climb and eat birthday cake in person and will finally get to kiss those little cheeks again!


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Friday, April 10


Here we are at Friday already and the weekly writing challenge. Write for five minutes on one word.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday.  Visit the link before yours and be sure to leave a word of encouragement behind.  This week's word is RELIEF.  Ready?  Set?  Write!



My youngest.

On Resurrection Sunday.

Less than two weeks before Easter, she decided she wanted to be baptized.  As one who had grown in her childlike faith and understood what baptism meant, it felt like perfect timing for her to take this step.  It only took a few moments to contact the church to get her on the pastor's list and she was excited about her decision.

And then an interesting thing happened.  


My youngest.

On the days and nights before the baptism.

The girl who had such joy for Jesus was suddenly thrown off balance by a spiritual battle. Our conversations were filled with questioning and doubts and tears as her confidence wavered.  We talked and prayed and read reaffirming Scripture and turned on our favorite praise music in the kitchen.  


My youngest.

On Resurrection Sunday.

Nervous about this new experience, yet smiling, we left for church that morning. Engaging in the whole worship service before finally changing clothes at the end, she quietly waited her turn.  There was no hesitation, but a confident willingness to say a few words, respond to the questions she was asked, and to be plunged under the water.


My youngest.

After the baptism.

The relief and obvious peace were present as soon as she came out of the water.  She had won the battle by standing firm in her faith and confirming it in front of a church full of people.  The early lessons learned in fighting a spiritual battle of faith will no doubt be of great value in the future. Although this mama has no idea why the enemy was so busy, a thankful sense of relief fills my spirit, too!


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Friday, April 3

good enough

The word to write about for five minutes without editing, post it, link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday, leave an encouraging note behind on the link before yours is....GOOD on this Good Friday. Ready?  Set?  WRITE!


Handing a young woman in crisis a handmade scrap quilt, she pushed it back to me saying that she was not good enough to receive such a beautiful blanket.

My heart broke to hear those words come out of her mouth.

In truth, none of us will ever be good enough on our own merits.  We fail and fall so miserably short of standards we'd never reach in a million years. 

Unless we've met Jesus.

Holding the quilt in my hands, I explained that someone had prayed for the unknown person who would someday receive this quilt.  They had prayed very specifically for this person to come to know God's love for them.  That love was found in Jesus who died for all those barriers to perfection — our sins that make us feel we are not good enough — that are part of our life. Believing in His life, His death, and His resurrection makes us good enough.  So good that we are promised eternity with Him.

Once we've met Jesus, we are covered by His grace which is even more beautiful than a handmade scrap quilt.

With tear filled eyes, her hands accepted the blanket.  My hope is that her heart accepted the love of Jesus at the same time.  Only He knows....


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Wednesday, April 1

spring up trust

As we start the month that always has me thinking spring, there's a wonderful Scripture verse to go along with it: "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." ~ Proverbs 3:5

All I can say is....when we lean on our own understanding, we don't get very far and it gets kind of messy. We are only seeing the outside surface of a situation which can lead us to all kinds of rabbit trail conclusions.  Even when we think we know a bit about the inside of a situation, that reality is that only God knows the truth.  He knows the heart.  So as we try to plan out a situation from our own understanding - in other words, attempt to control it - it doesn't turn our well.  

The truth is that God is always moving behind the scenes. He's working in lives.  He's shifting the terrain of our journeys.  And we need to let go and completely trust the Lord with all of our heart.  He has the best plan for your life. It's for your good and His glory.  Win. Win.

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