Wednesday, April 22

eight is only a date

a cupcake from my grandson's first birthday

Today marks a blog anniversary - EIGHT years of writing in this space!

However, that is all the hoopla you'll hear this year with no cheers or giveaways as it only feels like a date on the calendar like any other day.

As life has gotten busier and in many ways more complicated, finding time to write and maintain a blog has become a challenge.  Less writing here means fewer readers here.  My outlets for writing are in different places now and when it comes to pondering,  I find myself journaling in a notebook with a favorite pen or pencil.  

Blogging will still randomly happen here.   However, it won't be because I feel like I should or have to write something in this space, but because I want to write something that seems worthy of sharing with others (or is perhaps just plain fun to talk about!)

Instead, I want to focus on connecting with my family, having coffee with my friends, serving compassionately in ministry, and loving my Jesus as He grows my faith every day.  Life is short and precious and needs to be lived to the fullest every moment.

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