Saturday, April 25

rooting for flowers

Many years ago I tried the save your geraniums thing, but really had no idea what I was doing resulting in an epic fail.

This past fall a friend of mine shared about saving her geraniums and I was all ears.  I had already cleaned up most of my flowers for the year, but had six smaller geraniums still in planters and thought they'd work well for this experiment.

All the geraniums were pulled out of the dirt, all the dirt was shaken off their roots, and they were put upside down inside a covered box that I put downstairs in my food pantry for the winter.  About once a month or so, the box was opened up and I water misted all the roots.

This week I brought the box of geraniums up to the kitchen and snipped all the tops off the plants.

Then I took all the roots and soaked them in water for around 24 hours.

All six were planted in their own little pots and I'll keep them by a sunny window.  There was quite a bit of green inside of some of the stems so I'm feeling kind of optimistic that it will work this time.

The one lesson I've already learned doing this is the next time I need to tag each plant with the color of the flower since I have no idea what color each one of these is.  Oh well, I guess I'll find out sooner or later.

Stay tuned!

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