Friday, May 29


The last Friday of the month of May is here.  How swiftly time passes!  It is time, however, to write for five minutes on one word, no editing, post it, link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday, visit the link before yours and leave an encouraging comment behind.  The word for today is BLUE.  Ready?  Set? GO!


Two sweet grands.

Two and a half years of no direct contact.

Tears fall down.  Prayers go up.  Silence remains steady.

A broken blue heart filled with sadness.


Tammy ~@~


LaughingLady said...

Oh my friend, that is a LONG time. I hope you won't have to wait much longer to see them again. <3

Tammy said...

That continues to be my hope as well!

Tammy ~@~

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