Monday, May 11

Daybooking in May

For today, May 11th

Outside my is a gray day and there is light rain in the air, but I noticed that my lilacs are budding and getting ready to bloom!  Yippee!

I am thinking....about how much our family of origin affects who we are in good and bad ways.

a glimpse at a couple of my cards

I am thankful....for feeling well loved by my children yesterday.  Sometimes moms need that as we certainly make lots of mistakes. It's good to be loved!

I am favorite pair of flowered denim jeans and a warm long sleeved top as it's damp and chilly this morning.

I am creating....havoc in my closet as I go through my way too many clothes. 

a glimpse of a quick sisterly hug as we traveled to a funeral 
over the weekend and were able stop by to pick up some of her *stuff* 

I am pick up one of my daughters from college later in the week as she completes her very first year.  She's adjusted well and I'm proud of her hard work in some tough classes.

I am soon I can get into the dentist as I had a klutz move this weekend when I tripped and fell on the sidewalk chipping one of my teeth.  Yikes!

I am still reading...."Your Beautiful Purpose" by Susie Larson

I am hoping....this cold spell of weather is SHORT. I want to get back outside to work on my flowerbeds.

I am learning....that every single person has a story and will share it if you show you love and care about them.

a glimpse at my new garden gloves that were a Mothers Day gift

In my garden is busy growing weeds until we till it before planting.

In my kitchen....are leftover pancakes from breakfast this morning.

a glimpse at our school charts

In the homeschool room....we are down to our last official week of schooling!

A quote I'm pondering today...."We are all very skilled at explaining away our wrong behavior by pointing to the situations, locations, events, and people in our lives.  We work very hard to convince ourselves that the problem cannot be us." ~ Paul David Tripp

A peek into one of my doing the annual insurance audit for my husband's business and is one of my least favorite things to do each year.  My life seems to revolve around PAPERWORK.  Ugh!

a glimpse at two bouquets of flowers

One of my favorite um, flowers.  But you probably already knew that about me.

From the board room.... 
a good way to use scrap fabric  ~ a cat quilt

Post script (this is where you will find a link that I found and simply wanted to pass along)....good stuff HERE about weeding out your clothes to build a capsule wardrobe.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my daybook on this day. If you'd like to visit others who are participating in the May daybook or write a journal yourself,  stop over at Peggy's at Simple Woman's Daybook



Barbara London said...

Loved your post for Simple Woman's Daybook; the flowers are beautiful! I had to take a photo of the hanging baskets at our local store because all I was seeing were the trees and the bushes! I need a road trip to a beautiful garden somewhere!!

Thanks for sharing!

Tammy said...

Thanks for stopping, Barbara! It's been a long winter here, so I feel "hungry" to see fresh flowers growing, too!

Tammy ~@~

Jodi said...

I need to get a lilac bush!! Cute garden gloves!! Have a great week!

Tammy said...

Yes, Jodi, you should! Lilacs are one of my very favorite flowers, but they have such a short season here. I need to majorly prune back my lilac bush once it is done flowering this year.

Tammy ~@~

Lora Branam said...

I LOVE your cat quilt ! That is awesome . I thought of owls too. SO cute.
I will be wishing the computer was "smell-0-vision" in a week or so when those lovely lilacs bloom!
Have a great week!

Tammy said...

I think that quilt could very easily be adapted for owls, Lora.

I absolutely cannot wait until the lilacs bloom. They are getting closer every day!

Tammy ~@~

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