Thursday, May 7

they work together for better or worse

Recently I had a conversation with someone who had a tremendous amount of stress in her life.  As she shared all the struggles and the bitterness that came with them, her health issues came into the conversation, too.  

Then I read this short older devotional and her situation made more sense to me.

Have you ever considered how much the undercurrents and struggles in your spiritual life could affect your physical life? Take a look at this:

"Spiritual conditions are inseparably connected with our physical life.  The flow of the divine life-currents may be interrupted by a little clot of blood; the vital current may leak out through a very trifling wound.

If you want to keep the health of Christ, keep from all spiritual sores, from all heart wounds and irritations. One hour of fretting will wear out more vitality than a week of work; and one minute of malignity, or rankling jealousy or envy will hurt more than a drink of poison. Sweetness of spirit and joyfulness of heart are essential to full health.  Quietness of spirit, gentleness, tranquility, and the peace of God that passes all understanding are worth all the sleeping draughts in the country.

We do not wonder that some people have poor health when we hear them talk for half an hour.  They have enough dislikes, prejudices, doubts, and fears to exhaust the strongest constitution.

Beloved, if you would keep God's life and strength, keep out the things that will kill it;  keep it for Him, and for His work, and you will find enough and to spare." ~ A. B. Simpson

Worthy of taking a few minutes to consider, isn't it, especially the part I italicized to have the best health.  Examine your heart and mind to discover what is keeping YOU up at night!

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