Friday, May 8

to meet again

It's here....Friday.  Time to write for five minutes on one word.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday.  Check out the link before yours and leave an encouraging word behind.  Simple, right?  The word for today is MEET.  Ready?  Set?  Write!


There are so many years that extended family have occasions to meet together to celebrate life - births, birthdays, baptisms, weddings, reunions.  As families grow up and out of their homes spreading their lives around the country, those occasions become fewer and farther between.

Until you get a phone call like the one that came last night.  A favorite uncle passed away earlier this week after a five year long struggle with ALS.  The details were shared as to where the family will meet together to celebrate his life.

It does seem that as I'm getting older, this event is what brings extended family together to meet as we cry through grief and we laugh through memories.  It is filled with hugs and expressions of wanting to meet again under different circumstances.  But it seems that doesn't happen in the midst of busy lives spread far apart.  

Someday, those Jesus lovers will meet again in heaven.  Until then, may my life be a light that points to Jesus for all those family members who don't know Him.  I'd be sad to see them miss them the grandest reunion of all.


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BusyB said...

I believe thinking about meeting in heaven is about the loveliest thing to ponder. Thanks for bringing me there. A FMF neighbor.

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