Monday, May 18

waiting for glorious

A week later and it feels like not much progress has been made on the lilac bush.  I feel so impatient!  I just want to see each little blossom OPEN and smell the scent of lilacs through the windows.  Oh wait.  The windows are all shut right now.  We have been in a cool stretch of weather again. So cool that a heavy frost and possibly snow are predicted for early tomorrow morning and Wednesday morning.  So perhaps the lilacs are wiser than I give them credit for as they are smartly opening slower than normal.

Waiting for things to happen in certain areas of life feel much the same.  We just want to see progress and feel so impatient waiting.  The anticipation of something good ahead makes us pace.  However, God sees the whole picture and knows what is coming ahead.  There is a purpose in waiting as His hands move everything into the proper place for the proper timing. His wise timing. 

It's just a matter of waiting and trusting and knowing something glorious is ahead!

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