Saturday, May 9

watering flowers with tears

Ten years have passed.

You'd think it would get easier.

The birthdays come and go, as do a lot of other holidays.

I can even handle shopping around Mothers Day and no longer avoid stores in early May.

But when it comes to spring and planting season and flowers and greenhouses, well, I have a hard time keeping it together.  It was always my favorite time of the year to spend with my mom.  Walking through the greenhouse together. Talking about what could be planted here or there or looking at this new variety or will this do okay on the shady side of the house kind of stuff.  Constant chatter as we smiled and planned and enjoyed flowers and gardening together.  

I keep thinking it will get better, but the tears still fall easily as I miss my mom so very much in the springtime as we celebrate this special day.  

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  Someday I'll see you again and we'll walk through a heavenly garden that we'll enjoy even more than any of our earthly gardens. Weed free, right?!

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