Saturday, May 16

what did I bring?

What did I bring
to your salvation table?
I had
no righteousness to offer,
no strength to give,
no wisdom to present.
There was
that I could deliver
that would commend me
to you.
I crawled broken
to your table,
weighed down and crippled by
my sin,
my guilt,
my weakness,
my foolishness,
my pride,
my shame.
I had no right
to be with you,
but you picked me up
and placed me there.
You fed me
the life-giving nutrients
of grace
with your 
nail-scarred hands.
And I haven't left your
table of mercy since.  ~ Paul David Tripp

Something to think about over the weekend.  Nothing surpasses His grace and mercy and love toward us. 

Tammy ~@~

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