Friday, June 19

fear not

Seriously, this month is busy and flying by!  Time to catch my breath by a little writing this morning.  Write for five minutes. No editing or changing this or that.  Post it.  Link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday.  Be sure to visit the link before yours to leave behind a word of encouragement.  The word for today is FEAR.  Ready? Set? WRITE!

a deer without fear as she grazes on delicious clover right outside my window


Years ago I learned an acronym for 'fear' that has stuck with me and I've used  it over and over again:

F - False
E - Evidence
A - Appearing
R - Real

Realize that 99.something of things you fear and worry about never happen.  So when something comes us in your life that makes you feel fear — whether big or little — it's best to address it immediately with a few questions:  

What do I fear?

Why do I fear it?

Is it a valid real fear?

What is the worst that could happen?

AND, could I handle the worst that could happen?

We often don't like to look straight into the face of the worst that could happen, do we? However, the reality is that when we know Jesus, we know we have someone who will walk through it with us no matter what it is or how bad it could be. He will never leave us or forsake us.  He will be there.  And that's better than any pinky promise EVER!  Knowing that fact deep down in your heart replaces the fear of the moment with His peace.  

Once you've done that, then witnessed a scenario play out involving whatever the fear was, and what you thought may happen didn't even come close to happening, then you'll be glad you addressed the fear quickly and spent more time resting in God's peace.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy--visiting from FMF. :)

I've had a lot of fear, a lot of them irrational. One of them being God will never understand my fears, when I know He walked with the same hurts. I've never heard of the acronym, thanks for sharing it; gave me a different perspective in how to see my fears.

God bless you. :)

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