Thursday, July 23

the days of July

A new month!  Wait a minute.  It used to be a SOOOO BUSY over the past few weeks with vacation time, family time, garden time, work time.  These longer daylight summer days keep me GOING!  

Let's look at the verse for July: "A friend loves at all times...." ~ Proverbs 17:17a  

Friends.  There sure are a lot of categories of friends, aren't there?  They range between those who you know at a surface level to those who are deeply part of your heart with lots of them in-between.

This verse instructs us to be the kind of loyal friend who will be there not just during the sunny times, but will stand with you through the storms of life, too. They don't go running when your flaws are revealed, but their devotion remains strong during those critical times of learning and growing.  It requires living the hardest kind of love out there - unconditional love.  

How thankful I am for JESUS who is the perfect example of a friend!  His love is beyond our comprehension abundant as He walks by our side through every step of life.  May His love for us overflow into the lives of our friends!

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