Saturday, July 25

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(This was written yesterday, then life interrupted before posting.....)

It's been a long time since I've done this, so it's time for a quick write on one word for five minutes, no editing, post it, link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday, and leave an encouraging word behind on the fellow writer before you. This week's word is TEN.  Ready?  Set?  WRITE!


I have one primary thing on my mind right now and that is catching up on a garden that has gotten out of control.  Oh, the vegetables are all doing much better now that the weather has warmed up and the rain has fallen, but the weeds?  Ohhhh, good golly, they are going crazy.  At least they are big like the vegetable plants making them easier to pull out right now.  So, here's the top ten things that grow the best in my garden (in no particular order) with the climate and shorter growing season that we have here:











YUM!  I cannot wait to be eating lots of fresh veggies from the garden.  In the meantime, we are enjoying fresh produce that comes in to our local farm market.  

This past week I picked up 20 pounds of fresh blueberries! They were plump, flavorful, and beyond amazing!  I hope you, too, are able to enjoy the fresh foods of the season!


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Denise said...

yummy, this made me hungry.

LaughingLady said...

We had our first few cherry tomatoes already!! That's BY FAR the earliest that's EVER happened! (although I did buy a more mature plant to begin with than usual, too, I guess) We usually really look forward to corn, but this year, because we had no rain till mid-July, only a handful of seeds even germinated. My corn "patch" looks incredibly pathetic!! Actually, nothing looks very good, except the tomatoes, which were lovingly watered by hand every night during our drought.

Tammy said...

Enjoy your tomatoes, Tammi! I love standing in the garden and popping the warm cherry tomatoes right into my mouth while I am out there working. My tomatoes are not doing as well as normal this summer, but I planted them in a different area so it could be the soil?

My garden struggled early, too, and, I ended up replanting several things. There was plenty of rain here, but I think it was because we had a rather cool spring and early summer. It has been catching up wonderfully.

Tammy ~@~

Diana said...

Boy I wished we lived as close as we are in the line up at FMFP. I loved your post. Blessings Diana

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