Wednesday, August 12

all the lions are beat

a random tiger lily that popped up this summer

My devotional this morning talked a bit about Daniel and the crazy world he lived in.  It specifically referenced Daniel 6 about Daniel's unwavering faith which always came first in his life, even when at risk of worldly consequences, you know, like being thrown in a lions' den.  

"Many things in your life are out of control.  You face many things that make you feel unprepared, small, or weak.  But you must not give way to thinking that your life is out of control.  You need to remind yourself of the truths that Daniel confronts us all with — that over all the trouble that confounds and dismays us is a God of glorious wisdom, power, and grace who rules every moment of every situation. No, you will not see his hand.  You often won't understand what he is doing. There will be points when life won't make sense to you. At times, you will wish that life could be different. There will be moments when you will feel unprepared for what is on your plate.  In these moments, look up and remember that above all there is a throne, and on it sits a God of unimaginable majesty, ruling all for his glory and for his good." ~Paul David Tripp

It was a good reminder to me at a time when the world around me doesn't make sense and things definitely feel out of control.  God has not left the throne.  He's got it!

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