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Wowza!  Last Friday in August!  I am absolutely stunned by how quickly this month has passed!  Writing for five minutes on one word will pass even more quickly.  So I will write on the word of the week - ALONE - for five minutes, no editing, post it, link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday, and check out the link before mine to leave a word of encouragement behind.  Feel free to join this fast paced writing community! Ready!  Set!  Write!


Most people tend to lump the two words together — alone and lonely — but I'm here to say that they aren't the same.

I grew up in a small quiet kind of family.  I married and had a large loud kind of family.

Now that my family is growing up and slowly moving out of the house one by one, our shrinking household has grown quieter.  There is still a wonderfulness when everyone comes home and there's lots of food and lots of conversation and lots of activity, but I have to confess that I enjoy this season of life of heading back toward a quieter house.

Like today.  Everyone had something going on and the house was completely quiet starting at 6:30 AM.  I did have to run errands a couple of times today, but generally speaking, I spent the day alone.  And it was wonderful!  I wandered around the house taking care of this and that without the usual interruptions so I could concentrate and actually accomplish a few things.  Did I mention that it was wonderful?!  

Perhaps if I was always alone, I'd eventually feel lonely?  But perhaps not.  There are so many things I enjoy doing on my own — such as reading, quilting, writing, gardening, volunteering — I think I could stay busy and content for a long time!

How about you?  Does alone and lonely go together or not?


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