Friday, August 14

to learn

The Fridays of August are swiftly fleeting!  My fingers need to be just as swift as I write for five minutes on one word, no editing, post it, link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday, and leave behind a word of encouragement on the link before mine.  Feel free to join in!  This week's word is LEARN. Ready?  Set?  Write!


Groaning in the early morning as I picked all the green beans in the garden, I repeated what I seem to say every single year....Why are the beans always ready for canning during the hottest most humid time of the year?  With no air conditioning it is one hot task in our kitchen.  Yet every winter when the temperatures plunge into the sub-zero range as we crack open a jar of garden green beans for summer, I am immediately thankful for the memory of warm summer days.  
Perhaps part of the groan comes from having most of my family growing up and heading out of the house.  The ones still at home are busy working summer jobs.  That leaves my youngest to be a helper with all the tasks of a large garden.

She knows the usual bean routine.  It was decided I'd be the bean washer, she'd snip the ends, and I would cut them up. Usually once they are cut, I do all the canning.  BUT, then she mentioned that she wanted to learn how to do the canning, too, this summer.  Suddenly it didn't feel quite so hot and humid as my heart skipped a beat.  There is just something wonderful about passing on homemaking arts that are headed toward extinction.  It's such a wonderful way to teach all the tricks of the trade to someone who actually wants to learn!  

More importantly, I want her to learn to be thankful for the provision God blesses us with WHENEVER He blesses us....even during the hottest most humid time of the year....which means an attitude check for this mama.  Time to wash up, snip the ends, and cut out the groaning!


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