Saturday, August 29

tomato time

After a morning of soccer, we came home to these beauties. They are wonderfully large plump canning tomatoes!

Our local farm market has had the most wonderful produce this summer and at great prices.  With the temperatures outside going up this coming week, the goal was to get them canned in a much cooler kitchen.  My youngest has been wanting to help with canning tomatoes, so we worked as a team and were able to do them in no time.

21 quart jars of yummy delicious tomatoes for our winter chili!  I think I may pick up some more while the getting is good and add to our food pantry!

Tammy ~@~


LaughingLady said...

I LOVE tomato season! I don't do much in the way of preserving (I've occasionally made salsa or roasted tomato/basil/olive oil purée), but we sure do eat a lot of tomato toast this time of year!!

Tammy said...

Me, too! Wish my garden was doing well producing tomatoes this summer, but alas, it's been a poor year for them. The poor plants look rather pathetic. We have eaten quite a few of the small cherry tomatoes, but still waiting on our first big tomato.

I have never heard of tomato toast before?

Tammy ~@~

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