Friday, September 4

say YES!

It's Friday!  Time to unclutter my mind to focus on writing for five minute minutes on one word, posting it, linking it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday, then leaving an encouraging comment at the link before mine.  The word for this week is YES.  Ready?  Set?  WRITE!


The first thought that came to my mind was......"say YES! to the dress".  Odd because I think I've seen that show once in my life.  

It is easy to say YES to things that are fun and exciting and will delight us.  We rarely hesitate to respond positively to try something we've always wanted to do OR go somewhere we've always wanted to visit OR experience one of our favorite things in the world whether it's food or people time or books or you fill in the blank. 

But what about the times God is definitely leading us to try something we really don't want to do OR go somewhere we really never wanted to travel to OR experience something that would never land on our favorite list.  Those kinds of things rarely get a hearty YES!  In fact, they often get a quick NO! with a door slam. 

Can I encourage you to prayerfully consider a YES! when those opportunities come up?

Around this time five years ago I said YES! (or maybe it was more like a yes) to a ministry job position that God placed before me.  That yes has challenged and stretched me more than anything I have done in my life and it has been far from easy.  I am not the same person I was five years ago.  But I don't say that in a negative way, but a positive way. There was no choice but to fall upon the Lord's grace constantly in my weakness and place my faith and trust in His strength, His power, His wisdom, and primarily to grow to know His love for me in ways I would have never experienced if I had said NO! five years ago.

Be brave!  Put God's leadings in your life to prayer and be willing to stretch your no to a yes!


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Susan Shipe said...

Oh Tammy, YES YES YES! We must learn to embrace our yeses to the Lord! His plan is always the best!!! FMF neighbor #54

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