Saturday, October 31



Yes, we are almost there.

TOMORROW the shelves on every store will have replaced the current piles of candy and scary costumes of today with the grand greetings of Christmas!

As much as I absolutely cannot wait to see the store shelves cleared off as October ends, the refilling part absolutely terrifies — or would it be paralyzes? —me more!

The realization that Christmas is almost here and knowing the days coming will rush by feels especially overwhelming this year. Major remodeling throughout November and an end of the year move of the ministry that I work for will be completely time consuming. Then throw in all the family comings and goings and happenings that will be part of the upcoming days.  Yikes!

With all of that going on in life, perhaps it will be a good year to focus on what the reason for the season is all about and will force me to keep things simple without all the usual trappings. Right now seems to be a good time to be thinking those things through before the calendar page turns to almost Christmas, don't you think?

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  October 2015 - Day 31


LaughingLady said...

I think the beginning of last week is when I noticed some Christmas items appearing on store shelves. It gets earlier and earlier every year! Pretty soon stores aren't going to bother putting the stuff AWAY anymore. Driving home after picking my oldest up from volleyball practice the other day, she commented that someone already had their tree up! I always think that stuff should at least wait till after Remembrance/Veterans Day. I mean, come on, we don't even have SNOW yet, for Pete's sake!! (thank goodness!)

And the earlier and longer retailers and advertisers push us to think about it, the busier it seems to become. It gets more and more difficult, I find, with each passing year to actually ENJOY the season, which is sad, because we have the Only Perfect Reason to celebrate! Slowing down and focusing on showing our gratitude for His Gift truly requires deliberate, conscientious effort.

Tammy said...

Good to see you, Tammi!

You know, you're right! Our local Walmart store already has a Christmas section started in a different area of the store! I had forgotten about that until you mentioned it.

We are being predicted to have a milder winter this year, so I'm hoping that the snow holds off until December. THEN it will feel right to get a Christmas tree :-)

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