Saturday, October 3



What captures your heart?

After a recent memorial service for an uncle, I sat around a table with cousins as we were eating and doing the usual reminiscing about the past that tends to happen at these kinds of events.  Most of them were older than me, so it was interesting listening to stories about things before I was old enough to remember them.  They asked if I remembered a certain house that I lived in when I was little and honestly, there are very few memories tucked away in my mind from that time.  But one thing I did remember was the beautiful hollyhocks that grew along the side of the house where I would stand and wait for the bus.  


It's interesting how so many of my memories involve flowers. Their beauty.  Their scent.  Their uniqueness.  God's creation shouts with flowers wherever I go and I'm quick to smile whenever they fall into my line of vision.  He captures my heart with the beauty He creates and I can't help but praise Him!

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  October 2015 - Day 3


Susan Langer said...

Beautiful memories. You brought back a pleasant memory of me playing with four-o-clocks in my side yard. They were not planted. My yard was barren except for those flowers planted by God. :)

Tammy said...

Ahhhh, flowers in your memories, too! That makes me smile, Susan!

Tammy ~@~

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