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There is nothing more unique than the families God places us in.  It really is nothing we have a choice in, is it?  We are born into a family through two parents who come with a boatload of family history of their own as they give you life through their oneness.  However, it is possible that as they unpack their boatload, the oneness dissolves and the whole concept of family shifts.  

The challenge comes as you mature and attempt to figure out what makes you who you are because family history does impact you in both positive and negative ways.  Ouch, right? Or maybe YAY?  

To me, the greatest blessing is being adopted into God's family.  He created me, knows every single thing about me, and still loves me abundantly and unconditionally no matter what.  He knows my family history and everything that comes with it, yet reminds me that as part of His family, I am a totally new creation.  He's not about building the new on top of the old; He's all about making me a whole new creation from top to bottom.  How exciting is that? 

It's a good reminder as we think about our earthly families. We are all works in progress and need to extend grace.grace.grace.grace.grace since God isn't finished with any of us yet.  

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  October 2015 - Day 2

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