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For years I said I would never fly.  Never. Ever.

Looking back, I'm quite certain it was an irrational fear that came about from when I was young and watched people on television news stories sift through the remainder of horrible airplane crashes that had scattered everything everywhere. Very gruesome kind of sights for a youngin'.

Then a bit over ten years ago when a trip was being planned, there was no getting around that never.ever.  I mean, how can you take a cruise from the Midwest to Hawaii? So instead of planning a simply easy first time to fly experience, I ended up on a puddle jumper to a larger airport and then sat for hour after hour as we flew over the US followed by hour after hour over the Pacific Ocean to finally land in Honolulu.  

Funny how that never.ever. changed since the first time I took to the air.  Since then I have flown to Nashville, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and most recently to San Diego.

flying out of San Diego at dawn


Yes, please.  A wonderful way to travel to further away places, enjoy the task of people watching, talk to people from all over the world, and get a lot of reading done. 

The best part though is to be reminded of the awesomeness of our Creator who not only made all the beautiful vastly different scenery below, but Who created every single person who lives in that scenery below.  It's a humbling way of taking me out of my own little world and blowing me away with the vastness of His world.

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  October 2015 - Day 14

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