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We work at making our little nests wonderful places for all of family to come home to over the holidays or vacation time. However, as they fly out of the nest, our home continually changes into something else.  

My older children recall a home full of people with a lot of noise and a lot of stuff everywhere.  My two youngest who are at the end of the family live in a home with few people, pretty quiet, and our stuff generally picked up.

Day and night, isn't it?

So when the older ones all come home, the house becomes like they remember it and my younger ones suddenly wonder what happened to their home!

Actually, the older I get, the less it seems that home is about a building filled with familiar stuff.  It seems that I actually feel more at home wherever I am with my family.  It could be at a daughter's house, at a son's house, or right here where our family's roots began.  It's more about the people I am with than the place I am at because being with people you love can make anyplace feel like home.

Wow.....that was an interesting revelation that came about after five minutes of writing!

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  October 2015 - Day 5

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