Friday, October 23


31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 
Five Minute Friday special word - JOY


It has always seemed like a good idea to me to be able to capture those moments of great joy — you know, the kind of joy that makes your heart want to explode — and put them into a bottle to open when joy seems so far far away.  

Yesterday I was reminded of this when we were reading in the Old Testament about Joshua crossing into the Promised Land with God's chosen people and setting up a memorial with stones as a remembrance of God's faithfulness.  Every time in the future when they'd go past that memorial, their minds would flashback to the moment when that memorial was set up and God's great faithfulness.

Thinking about I really need something visual to experience joy?


Or maybe not.

What I'm finding more and more lately is that true heartfelt joy comes from being in relationship with God even during some really hard tough times when earthly joy is far away. His Word works powerfully when it's the only solid never changing always truthful full of promises thing you need to cling to when the future feels uncertain.  

That is the kind of joy that nothing on this earth can match because it comes bottled up with His peace and love at the same time.

It's like JOY with a bonus!

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  October 2015 - Day 23

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