Wednesday, October 7



Hmmmm, let's pick one word that is loaded with a kazillion different meanings!   LOVE!  It's hard to know where to even begin to write about such a word and it could definitely take more than the allotted five minutes.  So I think I will start making a list of some of the thing I love until the timer rings:

*I love Jesus.

*I love the sound of laughter when all my kids come home.

*I love the sound of my grands giggling.

*I love sunny warm days.

*I love flowers - any and all kinds.

*I love the sound of the rain on the rooftop at night when I go to bed.

*I love the scent of babies when they are snuggled close.

*I love the smell of the first cup of morning coffee.

*I love working with incredible people who love Jesus, too.

*I love anything Vera Bradley.

*I love the warmth of sitting by the woodburner on cold winter nights.

*I love working in my garden.

*I love reading a good book.

*I love being present at the births of babies.

* I love sewing a quilt.

*I love watching how God answers our prayers.

*I love hugs.

*I love snail mail letters that seem to arrive in my mailbox at just the right time.

*I love a movie that makes me cry.

*I love friends that are real.

*I love fuzzy golden retriever puppies.

*I love chatting online with my kids.

And there's the ring of the bell......that's all for now!

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*Participating in Five Minute Free Writes
  October 2015 - Day 7

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