Tuesday, October 6



Making things happen and become possible is often a result of our attitude.  

If we think things are too hard or too much of a challenge or that we have no known talent to do it, we often won't even want to try.  "IMPOSSIBLE!" is our battle cry.  And why? Because we don't want to fail.  

Let's look at an example of failure.....a man who had thousands of failed attempts, yet ended up with over 1,000 patents on various inventions of his.  In fact, I wouldn't be sitting here typing  at this time of the night without his determination and diligence leading to his invention of lightbulbs.  Thomas Edison.  Many failures led to many successes.

Yes, trying something that seems too hard or too much of a challenge or out of our talent range can lead to failure.  But if you have a good attitude and learn from your failure, you can turn something that was impossible into something that is possible.  

Just set your mind to do it (and pray lots, too!)

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  October 2015 - Day 6

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