Friday, October 9



Some of the hardest lessons of my life have come through that simple word. Maybe it's because trust puts you in a very vulnerable position with another person.  

There is someone important in my life who has broken my trust over and over and over AND OVER again.  Yet, I soooooo want to trust them.  I think that after years of this I have finally come to the conclusion they will never ever be trustworthy. Never.  Ever.  My heart aches.

What is interesting to me is that this particular relationship hasn't completely broken my trust in everyone else.  Is there caution in some relationships?  Of course.  If I sense God's discernment to walk and talk carefully with some people, I do. But there are people in my life who I can trust with my heart as they have proven themselves to be faithful and loving throughout our relationship.  

Perhaps there can be trust in others despite the impact of broken trust because I've learned that I can completely and fully trust God.  My journey with Him has grown a confidence in my heart knowing He loves me abundantly and will be walking with me every step.  He is my protector of my heart!

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  October 2015 - Day 9

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