Monday, December 28

the technicalities

Ahhhh, there has been a collision between my computer's troubles for awhile (especially when it comes to the photo software program which has kept me from wanting to ever blog again because of frustration) AND life that has been overwhelming in so many ways since early this fall. Therefore, this little barely noticed space on the internet has been

I'm looking forward to my computer-wise sons coming home and getting things up and working right before the new year. That will definitely help with the computer frustration both at work and home.

And life?  Well, I'm trusting God on that part knowing He is faithful and has a plan.  The past is in the past. My hope is that His plan includes turning some new pages with fresh vision to write a new story for the future. 

Until then, I will continue walking step by step with Him as I make the most of each day He gives me breath and life!

Tammy ~@~ 

P.S.  I could NOT get this month's calendar page picture to load AND when I went to reorder my favorite calendar for the new year it was out of stock!  Just a glimpse of some of the random things that have been part of my life......

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