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It's time to take five minutes and write.  Feeling rather rusty after not posting here in a long time, yet doing a lot of writing elsewhere, it will be fun to write unedited.  Let's see what flows from my fingers as I post it in a community that gathers every Friday at Kate's Five Minute Friday.  The word for today is CRAVE.  Ready? Set? GO!


After seeing one of those pictures comparing different food or drink items with the amount of sugar they contain in a glass next to them, I decided to make one very specific change this fall - stop putting a spoonful of sugar into each cup of coffee I pour. Years again, in between babies, I always drank my coffee black. Then I met creamers. Need I say more? DELICIOUS! Then I read the long labels of ingredients on creamers and knew I had to say goodbye to them switching to a splash of milk and a *little* sugar in my morning coffee.  So, it should be easy to go back to black coffee, right?

Talk about CRAVE!

Every time I pour my coffee, add that splash of milk, I crave that sweet taste of sugar.

Oh, after weeks of not adding sugar to my coffee it has gotten easier. In fact, it has actually helped beat those sugar cravings that come so easily throughout the day. But there's still those occasional moments when it's easy to think...just a little bit of sugar won't hurt. Yet, I know the truth is that over the long course of time sugar is disastrous for my health.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

The reality is that it isn't just about sugar.  There are so many things this world dangles before our eyes that we crave. We *think* we'll feel better if we buy this, do that, update more things, add those activities, serve new recipes, craft better items, etc. It can't be denied either that often the worst crave inducer is Pinterest, right? The truth is that over the long course of time most of those cravings can be disastrous for us. We crave things in this world that really are meaningless over the long course of time if you really think about it.

There's only one thing that can fill ALL that you CRAVE - Jesus. Knowing Him as your Lord and Savior will have positive benefits all the way through eternity. Don't take my word for it. Open the Bible to the New Testament and start reading. It will be a sweet addition to your days!


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Sarah Frazer said...

Love this! It is about what we think we need.....Yes. Thank you for sharing. Your neighbor at #FMF today! :)

Jennifer Miller said...

"Then I met flavored creamers" so did I! I compare our use to colonial times when sugar was such a rare treat. How times have changed!

Patricia Alderman said...

Truth, truth, truth!
Thank goodness I've always liked black coffee. :)
Patricia (FMF#37)

Tammy said...

Good point, Jennifer! Back then they probably only had one type of coffee bean, too. Look at all of our choices!

Good for you, Patricia! I remember when I used to always like black coffee, too. Wish I had never gotten so spoiled......

Tammy ~@~

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